WHITE ASH (Fraxinus Americana)

Norse mythology refers to ash as "the mighty tree that supports the heavens".

Ash has traditionally been used to craft baseball bats through the years. It has tremendous flexibility due to the longer fibers integrated in the wood. Ash is generally harvested in Pennsylvania and Upstate New York, and is graded for quality with straight grain being the most important criteria. Major League grade is of course, the best and is also in short supply. Most of what you see that's labeled or sold as Pro-Stock or some similar name is actually Minor League wood. We only work with quantities in straight ash for both our Pro Cut (MLB Grade) and Pro Stock bats.

Hard Maple (Acer saccharum)

Sugar maple is also known as hard and rock maple.

Sugar (Rock) Maple is a very hard and dense wood. It is typically 10-15% stiffer and harder than ash. The natural fibers of this hardwood are short and tight, creating a hard hitting surface with little to no flex, this is one of the main reason maple has became so popular in the last decade or so. Due to the moisture and density of maple it can feel heavier and limit barrel size. In 1997 Joe Carter was the first major leaguer to use a maple bat in a MLB game.


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